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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be an effective form of mental health support. Age, life circumstances, and personal experiences can all contribute to emotional and psychological difficulties that can benefit from therapy. Through individual therapy sessions, clients can receive support and guidance from a licensed mental health professional who can help them explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a non-judgmental environment.


Therapy can help adults address a wide range of issues, from managing symptoms of anxiety and depression to coping with the stressors of everyday life. Together we can develop strategies for addressing your concerns and improving your overall emotional wellbeing, which can ultimately lead to a happier, more fulfilled life. 

Psychologist Session


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(Middle School, High School, College)

Therapy can be a valuable tool for supporting adolescents as they navigate the challenges of growing up. Adolescents often face significant stressors related to school, relationships, and family dynamics, and counseling can help them develop coping strategies. Therapy can also be helpful for adolescents who are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. By providing a safe and supportive environment, together, we can help your adolescents build self-esteem, improve their communication skills, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness. We will work together to help your adolescent lead a happier, healthier life and build a strong foundation for their future. 


First Responders

I specialize in working with first responders and their families, including law enforcement, firefighters, EMTS, paramedics and dispatchers. First responders are often faced with significant and unique challenges in their public service role. I offer counseling services to first responders to help them manage the stresses and challenges of their work, and I am committed to helping them lead healthier, happier lives.  

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(Teachers, Counselors, Child Study Team)

Teachers' Day

As an educator myself, I understand the unique set of stressors and challenges in this profession today. You are often expected to manage competing demands, such as administrative tasks, teaching responsibilities, and student behavioral and emotional issues. These stressors can take a toll on educators’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Through individual therapy sessions, we can work to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and develop strategies for coping with the demands of the job. Therapy can help educators develop a great sense of self-awareness, explore their personal and professional goals, and identify and address any personal barriers that may be affecting their ability to perform their best.  We can work together to improve your overall emotional wellbeing and job satisfaction, which can ultimately benefit their students as well. 


Clinical Supervision and Consultation

I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor and a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive experience and expertise in the field. My commitment is to provide high-quality clinical supervision and consultation services to Licensed Associate Counselors. With my support, guidance, and ongoing feedback, I aim to help my colleagues enhance their skills, knowledge, and confidence in their work with clients. I believe that working together, we can make a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of our schools and communities.  

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